Five Things to Check Regularly on Your VW Camper
Five Things to Check Regularly on Your VW Camper

Five Things to Check Regularly on Your VW Camper

June 12, 2024

We asked the VW experts at Just Kampers to give us their top five tips for keeping your van on the road this summer!

There’s nothing more exciting than jumping into your camper to set off on an adventure, and nothing worse than spending your precious free time stuck at the side of the road after your camper breaks down.

Read on for tips on five quick and easy maintenance jobs to keep your Volkswagen camper on the road, and off the hard shoulder!

Checking your oil

Campervans might be infamous for leaking oil, but the problem isn’t nearly as bad as it’s often made out to be. Still, oil leaks can and do occur, so regularly checking the levels and condition of your engine oil is really important.

You should use your engine’s dipstick to test both the level of the oil and the colour of it. If it’s looking especially dark, or feels gritty to the touch, then you’ll need to perform an oil change on your camper before you cause damage to the engine.

Engine V-belt

The engine in your VW camper will have a prominent V-belt, which is essential to keeping everything running properly.

You should check your V-belt regularly, to check that it isn’t showing signs of wear or damage, as well as ensuring that it hasn’t stretched or become loose.

You can do this by twisting the V-belt so that the smooth outer face points towards you. If it goes past 45º then the belt is too loose and will need adjusting.

Check your coolant levels

Your engine’s coolant is also really important, as it helps maintain a stable temperature and prevents damage.

It’s a good idea to regularly check your engine’s fluid levels, especially before long journeys. This becomes even more important during the summer, ambient temperatures are higher and your engine may have a harder time staying cool.

Checking the brakes

The brakes on your VW camper are obviously incredibly important, and it’s absolutely vital that you keep them in good working order.

You should check your brakes periodically, and if you’re driving and the brakes feel ‘off’ then it’s best to find somewhere safe to pull over and arrange roadside assistance.

Checking the condition of the different components which make up your braking system is pretty simple, and will help keep you and your camper safe on the roads. Brake fluid should be kept at the correct level, as it can weep from old seals or even be boiled away if your brakes bind on.

Keeping your fuel fresh

It’s often easy to overlook the effect that fuel can have on the condition of your VW campervan, but fuel does go bad after about 12 months, which can cause real problems.

If you don’t use your Volkswagen that much, or you’ve been storing it over the winter, then it’s definitely worth checking the condition of your fuel lines, fuel pump, and carburettor because modern ethanol petrol can absorb moisture and damage these parts.

Thanks to the team at Just Kampers for sending over these tips – you can find more helpful advice, and the parts you’ll need to fix any issues on your VW camper, at

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