2024 Campervan Travel Trends: What’s Hot in the UK
2024 Campervan Travel Trends: What’s Hot in the UK

2024 Campervan Travel Trends: What’s Hot in the UK

March 28, 2024

Cultural exploration has become a priority for the modern-day campervan traveller. 2024. is a year that’s expected to see more and more campervanners take off cross country to see their favourite artists or try new food experiences than at any other time before

Join us below to explore what’s hot in the UK this year!

Star Bathing

2024 will be a year of intense solar activity, which will peak with the aurora borealis display – an event scientists predict will be the most impressive of the last two decades. Its popularity has seen the number of trips planned by campervanners to the north increase two-fold, with April 8th expected to include a total solar eclipse.

Many campervanners are planning to travel to North America, which is said to be the ideal place to witness the eclipse. These two events aside, stargazing is becoming more popular with campervanners thanks to the numerous apps available today to help identify constellations. This means that all eyes, no matter the location, will be skyward for the better part of the year.

Shoulder Season Travel

For those who are new to campervanning, ‘shoulder season’ refers to travel during the off-peak season. Statistics show that off-season travel will offer booming business in 2024, with beginner campervanners traveling between March and May and their seasoned counterparts from September to November.

Reducing carbon footprint, avoiding peak season rates, and campervan crowds are some of the factors driving this trend. Local businesses are some of the beneficiaries of this trend as it enables them to remain open for longer hours. Before you begin looking at the top travel destinations for the shoulder season, visit this compare campervan insurance website here.

It’s a trusted source of information on campervan insurance and lets you compare insurance rates, enabling you to know how much it costs to insure your campervan. Get started by learning how much you need to pay to make the trip to France, Portugal, Italy, or Spain from the UK.


Yes, the travel industry is at it once again. ‘Goccasions’ is a term that has become quite common in the travel market. For the uninitiated, it means visiting a particular destination to witness or participate in a given event or occasion. Many campervanners prefer to see it as adding some extra time to their travel schedule to attend a music gig or sporting event.

Paris will most likely top the charts here as it’s where millions plan to head to see the Olympics and Paralympic games. If the Olympics are not your cup of tea, other events befitting this trend later in the year will include the UEFA Euro 2024 in Germany in June and the Tour de France taking place in France and Italy in July.

The Takeaway

Besides traveling for cultural exploration, campervanners will plan their 2024 travel itineraries around their personal preferences, identities, and hobbies. Celebration vacationers and analogue adventurers will be on the rise as the high cost of living has forced many would-be travellers to cancel or adjust their plans.

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